Chlorine Gas Dosing

Gas Chlorination and reduction of Chlorates

Chlorine gas has been used for over 100 years globally as the main disinfectant used in treating water supplies. Chlorine gas is very effective and economical and is the best method of reducing the presence of Chlorates compared to other dosing systems (e.g. Chlorine Dioxide and OSEC). The plant is easy to operate and maintain once personnel are trained up. Today’s chlorine gas systems are usually fed under vacuum, greatly reducing any chance of leaks and making it one of the safest disinfection methods available. New research is showing the health benefits of chlorine gas over sodium hypochlorite in lower chlorates formation in disinfected water.CSL have a long relationship with Wallace & Tiernan who have been the leaders in gas chlorination and chemical dosing since 1913. Now under the ownership of Evoqua; Wallace & Tiernan is the predominant gas feed plant used in Ireland and the UK.

CSL supply, install and maintain Wallace & Tiernan gas chlorination plant. All of our gas feeders are based on the worldwide proven V-notch flow control technology which provides a wide control range and very high repeatability.

We provide full back-up and 24hour callout on our maintenance contracts.


Kiosk and Skid Installations

CSL also designs, builds and fits out a range of kiosk and skid dosing systems to suit each sites dosing requirement and water volume for long and short term applications


ChlorGuard is a simple, highly effective remote automatic shut down system for emergency control of toxic gas systemsThankfully emissions of chlorine and other toxic gases to the environment are not common occurrences and in part this can be attributed to the high engineering standards within the industry. However should a leak occur the consequences, both on personnel and equipment, can be extremely serious.

Rapid Closure Systems for Chlorine Cylinder and Drum Valves

The storage and use of chlorine requires safe, effective measures to prevent leaks to the atmosphere which may cause injury or corrosion from such an emission.

The Major Hazard Source

Data from the chlorine emergency responses at customers’ installations indicate that the greatest number of incidents, with the greatest potential for leakage, originate from the connection between the container valve and union connection.

ChlorGuard is a remote shut down system for effective closure of the chlorine container, or drum valve, in the event of a downstream leakage. It can be easily installed at existing storage sites.

Rapid Shut Down Minimises Potential Emissions

This system closes valves within 15 seconds from the time it is triggered, a fraction of the time to ‘suit-up’ and close the valves manually.